Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Here are some images from our performance at Nearfest, which is a big prog festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. An aptly named little burg, as the devoted pilgrimage that flock there far outnumber the inhabitants. I'm not sure if the local eeries took time out from covering bus shelters in sea shells, painting psychotropic skylines on model horses and working the day shift at the banana factory to check out the music. A good time, despite almost missing the show after Zombi's van broke down in Philadelphia (by this point we were already minus 48 hours sleep). It wasn't long before we were whisked through the night by taxi to prog-mecca (Fares courtesy of the NEARelders) only to sell a gargantuan amount of merch, hang out with Roger Dean, and watch a somewhat flaccid performance by Keith Emerson... and his big moog.