Monday, August 31, 2009

Black Metal Jeans

The Norwegian based design agency ANTI is launching a new black denim label. Working with graphic design, illustration, digital solutions, concepts and identities for others we decided to develop a brand of our own. The brand is built around Norwegian culture of darkness and the origin of True Black Metal. We are naturally influenced by the darkness surrounding us, our nature and the music scene reflecting this. Embracing the dark culture and the visual aesthetics surrounding the genuine Norwegian inspired our first line of Black Denim Jeans. / "The Exorcism of.." DIRECTOR Marius Tharaldsen DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Marius Tharaldsen GRIP & LIGHT TECHNICIAN Gripservice / Espen Zubi DESIGN Anti / Fredrik Melby ART DIRECTION Anti / Kjetil Wold PROJECT MANAGER Anti / Kenneth Pedersen KILLUSTRATIONS Justin Bartlett GAFFER Marius Tharaldsen DANCER Vilde Victoria Madsen ASSISTANT CAMERA Frederik Rolfsen STYLING & MAKE UP Marthe Kveli Valeberg STYLING Rico Iriyama ADDITIONAL HAIR Marthe Hov Bjerke EDIT MotionBlur / Erlend M. Knudsen RED CAMERA Motionblur / Espen Horn STUDIO Zone5 MUSIC "Jewled Turtle" by GUAPO